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The Idea

Once upon a time in college, my good friend Lauren and I decided to bake a cake and it was delicious! The best part of it was that we had fun making it together. My other roommates joined in with the fun to the point that we were throwing the sprinkles on to the cake to see who could get them to land on the icing. From that moment on, Baking With Friends was born.

After graduating from college and entering graduate school, I want to share recipes that my friends and I have made together and the images the captured how much fun we had in the process. I hope to inspire you to do the same! These baking sessions bring long-lasting memories and hilarious inside jokes.

Enjoy and let the good times begin!

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Super Sister: My sister and I get along incredibly well and we have been called Super Sisters because we are a dynamic duo. She is also a great photographer and has taken many of the pictures here! Check out her pictures at Laura Quintero Photography.

Roommates: I am a happy graduate of the University of Virginia and my fourth year I was lucky enough to live with five amazing girls. It was the best way to end an unforgettable four years at UVA. Also, the reason BWF was born. D2 love.

Venezuelan Family: Since I can remember, my family has been part of a wonderful group of Venezuelan families in the area. Throughout the years we have grown in numbers and grown closer together. We share major holidays and important events together, including traditional Venezuelan ones. Many of us have our immediate family in Venezuela or other places in the world and it is great that we can call each other family.

My Kitchen

I currently live in NYC in an apartment that will always mean so much to me but it does not have a particularly large kitchen…at all. This has forced me to be more clever and mindful of what I bring into my kitchen and how I use things. That being said, I have also dropped plenty of things and made big messes in my kitchen but nothing that I haven’t been able to fix and clean up! I used to live with my parents, which gave me the luxury of having a lot of space in the kitchen to bake with friends and to put all of my fun baking utensils!




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