Fresh Strawberry Cake

Summer=Strawberries! For this recipe, we wanted to bring back the OG Baking with Friends crew! We have been baking with Stephanie and Magaly for many years now and we wanted to bake together. We all had fresh strawberries and the other ingredients so we thought this would be the perfect summer baking we could doContinue reading “Fresh Strawberry Cake”

Butterless Snickerdoodles

Ah, another. missing ingredient during a pandemic: butter! This recipe to be pretty straightforward (plus it’s super fun to roll around the balls of dough in the cinnamon sugar mix!). But really do follow the instruction at the end to not overcook, or they will be hard! Also, my mom got creative this time andContinue reading “Butterless Snickerdoodles”

Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies

We have been eating A LOT of eggs during quarantine so when we looked at what ingredients we had in our kitchens this week, we all had chocolate chips but we didn’t have eggs so we looked for a recipe for an eggless chocolate chip cookie. This recipe was really easy to make and itContinue reading “Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies”

Thumbprint Cookies

This Thumbprint Cookie recipe has been the most popular recipe of the quarantine by far! I’ve done this recipe twice already: the first time was for a virtual tea party we had planned to do in the spring in person but instead transitioned to Zoom due to the pandemic and the second time was withContinue reading “Thumbprint Cookies”

M&M Cookies for Easter

Easter 2020, the first holiday of the quarantine that I could not spend with my family *sigh*. Even though I moved to NYC from my hometown a couple of years ago, I always find a way to be together with my family for birthdays and holidays. But given the stay-at-home orders in place to preventContinue reading “M&M Cookies for Easter”