Baking During a Pandemic

Typically during December of every year, as we get closer to the new year, we start to think things like “how will I improve next year? How will I become a better version of myself in the new year? What goals will I try to accomplish?” And prior to such an epic year as 2020?? We all had BIG plans for this year. Yet, who could have predicted that it would be a year where we had to hunker down, stay inside, and keep away from each other to just stay healthy? Well that is exactly what happened and this is where we are today.

During these difficult and unprecedented times, we have all coped in different ways. We have tried to pick up new hobbies to keep busy and we have also turned to old activities in which we find comfort. Personally, I have learned a lot during this time about myself, society, public health, systemic inequities, crisis recovery and management, brain science behind habits, design thinking, and so much more.  But, I have also turned to some old comforting activities that keep me calm and centered, one of those being baking!

I am very comfortable using Zoom because I have been working from home for almost three years now and since day one we have been using Zoom for all of our meetings. This pandemic has of course expanded the uses for Zoom beyond just work meetings. Via Zoom, I’ve caught up with friends weekly for happy hours, game nights, tea parties, salons, and more! Naturally, baking came up as another activity we could do virtually, apart. My mom, sister, and I have consistently been baking through this pandemic, allowing us to connect and make delicious goodies from our respective homes. It’s been calming, entertaining, and productive in that we have delicious treats to carry us through another week of quarantine! I’ll share the recipes we’ve been using (keeping in mind limited quantities of many ingredients and access to random grocery trips) and the fun screenshots of these unique moments.

Let’s bake together, apart! Keep an eye out the Virtual Baking Sessions page on my site for upcoming sessions. If you end up doing some of these recipes, feel free to comment with your pictures or share on Instagram and tag @bakingwfriends. Stay safe and bake on!

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